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Emotional Health at Barrenjoey

At Barrenjoey High School, we make student wellbeing a high priority, and aim to support your child’s welfare needs in a variety of ways every year.  We have identified that at each stage of their schooling, students’ needs change and for this reason we have a year by year program that aims to support all students in a tailored way. 

We have developed a website that aims to provide you with support for your child's wellbeing.  Follow this link to Emotional Health at Barrenjoey

We want our students to develop resilience, a sense of identity and belonging and to graduate from Barrenjoey as confident, empathetic and responsible citizens.

Barrenjoey adopts a learning stage approach to developing student’s social, emotional and academic wellbeing. Each year focuses on:

Year 7 & 8                 

Social Resilience, focusing on developing student social and emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and positive self-esteem.

Year 9 & 10               

Positive choices which focuses on developing student awareness of the choices available to them and the implications of poor life choices. This then encourages students to be proactive, safe and empathetic citizens.

Year 11 & 12             

Academic Resilience and Success which focuses on equipping students with the skills and knowledge to be engaged, independent and successful learners who can manage life’s ups and downs.